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The last century was influenced by the numbers one and nine. These two numbers are associated with the mental and intellectual aspect. During this period, humanity advanced tremendously in several domains of science. New ideas evolved and sensible progress enabled humanity to raise its standard of life in general.

As far as the numbers 2 and 0 of the new millennium are concerned, the analytical capacity (2) is set against the universal and holistic vision (0). In other words, the opportunity to evolve and grow should pass through spiritual awakening. Since the last century, several sages have prophesied the importance of spirituality in the century that we are living. The next millennium will be spiritual or it will not be there. I believe that Malraux is right in this case. Our humanity is arriving at the intersection of paths. Its safety depends on the ability to integrate spirituality.

The pentagram reveals the kind of influence that parents will have on our destiny. It means that the path of life will be different for each person depending on the education he has received. For twins who have different names, a pentagram can be created using one name. Thus, in this case, the name is of crucial importance. The name will give them their individuality.

The objective of pentanalogy is not to determine the future. We concentrate on the present. Making the most of the present, revealing one’s potentials and removing the internal obstacles… that is how we prepare for the future. People often forget to live the present by thinking too much about the future. Pentanalogy gives due consideration to the time periods. (see advanced pentanalogy).

What we call the path of life in numerology is calculated in the same way as in pentanalogy. From there, the interpretation is different and complementary. Pentanalogy is based on the study of the pentagram.

The position of numbers in the pentagram plays an important role. For example, if one position of the pentagram is occupied by multiple numbers, we can deduct that the person is concentrated by this aspect of life and that this domain calls for more important work on oneself.

A consultation in pentanalogy enables us to discover the code which was given to us at the time of our birth and to understand our destiny in a better way. It enables the consultant to relativise the events of his life. Moreover, at the moment of the consultation, the consultant has concrete answers on the values and beliefs that blocks a person in his path of life and his evolution.

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