The Thresholds or The Existence of Polarities

A pentagram includes a threshold when two opposite polarities are present. The threshold always represents a challenge that has to be overcome. In fact, it relates to the creation of harmony between two contradictory aspects. In the polar vision of our world, nothing can exist without an opposition.

It is the cosmic game of creation, of Yin and yang, of light and obscurity, positive and negative etc. To overcome a threshold, it is necessary to be aware of each of its polarities.


Pentanalogy Diagram
Threshold 2-10

The analysis (2) which creates doubt and separation should merge with the global vision of unity.

Pentanalogy Diagram
Threshold 3-9

The action should associate with the spirit of synthesis and integration (9) for transforming the experience.

Pentanalogy Diagram
Threshold 4-8

The need of certainty and material security should unite with the unconditional desire for love and harmony.

Pentanalogy Diagram
Threshold 5-7

The desire to have an intense social life (5) should combine with the need for individuality and liberty (7).

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