The Penta at Usha Veda

The Penta at Usha Veda

Pentanalogy Info

The first courses in Pentanalogy given by Lydia Bosson started in 1993.

The enthusiasm of the participants stimulated our convictions more profoundly and encouraged us to pursue our path.

Since 1993, several thousand people have taken courses of PENTANALOGY in Switzerland or in the world. Indeed, every year since 2012, courses are also provided in Asia (China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) and the book on PENTANALOGY is also available in Mandarin.

Since all these years, several people have been offering private consultations in pentanalogy, thanks to the support of a competent team of course coordinators and a professional teachers training structure. In addition to this, a majority of our old participants use pentanalogy in connection with their routine activities often related to health therapies, because of its pertinent and fast diagnosis.

In order that the knowledge of pentanalogy spreads a lot more and reaches a larger international public, we decided to introduce our first software to the world on PENTANALOGY in 2006 . PENTA SOFT.

This new software enables every individual to access his own pentagram online. In this manner, every person can discover this extraordinary science and collect free information about his pentagram. The revenue generated from the complete and detailed analysis allows us to finance in part : the team, the development of the programme, maintenance of the website, researches on new applications and the promotion of pentanalogy in the world.

Our biggest wish is that you also discover PENTANALOGY and its commendable source of transformation. The dormant alchemist in you can access this ancient knowledge to overcome the obstacles in your path of life and to liberate your internal potentials completely.

Lydia and Philippe Bosson

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