Introduction to Pentanalogy

Everything around us is made of numbers. Numbers are the mirror of The soul of reality. The story of numbers is profoundly associated with the history of our creation and development. The reality of man is correlated to the numbers of his date of birth, name and surname. It is the coding of his destiny.

Calendars, numbers and alphabets have a common origin. Thanks to the calendar, we can measure the cosmic and terrestrial laws, the natural cycles, the seasons, the duration of life and the number of years. The cycle starts with a date of birth and ends with a date of death. But what happens BEFORE and AFTER ?

Pentanalogy Info

The pentagram symbolizes the reincarnation of man.

It reflects the authentic truth, whether physical, psychological or spiritual.

The pentanalogist can precisely and quickly diagnosis several aspects of an individual. In fact, the pentagram allows us to discover the potential of a being but it also lets us foresee the unavoidable ordeals that will introduce themselves in a path of life as well as the after effects of these ordeals.

The coding of the spirit and of the mind can be found in the pentagram. The pentanalogist has the key to access it. By his understanding and diagnosis, he can awaken the alchemist who is lying dormant in the heart of a person and set it in motion.

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