The Tensions

The pentagram can represent two aspects that contradict each other and create a permanent paradox in the character and psychology of the individual. In this case, we are talking of tensions because this phenomenon is a source of constant stress for the person.


Pentanalogy Diagram
Tension 1-6 Creation and Destruction

The omnipresent mind is set against the instinct of physical endurance. The person is divided between intuition and intellect. Every decision that has to be taken becomes a big stress. At the same time, there is an underlying impatience in the person. One wants to live his feelings but the mind creates obstacles.

Pentanalogy Diagram
Tension 2-7 Joy and sorrow

The wise and analytical thought (2) is confronted with the need for practical and individualistic achievement. The individual experiences a permanent stress at heart. He is constantly doubtful. Either he underestimates or overestimates himself as a person.

Pentanalogy Diagram
Tension 5-10 Glory and Enslavement

The need for a social life, a sense of sharing and a spirit of community (5) is set against the need for self accomplishment and creation of an extraordinary vocation (10). Stress arises from this belief of having to accomplish an important mission. The person is permanently making plans for the future and he finds it difficult to live in the present.

Pentanalogy Diagram
Tension 3-8 Desire and Harmony

The need for action (3) is set against the longing for harmony and peace (8). The person invests himself completely in the beginning of a relation hoping that his partner will reward his efforts. A person who bears tension 3-8 expects a lot from their relations and thereby is under the risk of feeling frustrated and deceived.

Pentanalogy Diagram
Tension 4-9 Security and Constraint

The need for materialization and time scale (4) is set against the desire to live the experience fully in all its facets (9). The individual 4-9 is divided between the need to spend and to economise. He is permanently in the fear of messing up opportunities, missing the right bargains and letting the best stocks slip away. For this reason, he often buys in a reckless and irresponsible fashion. He often regrets his investments.

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