Pentanalogy and Karma

Pentanalogy and Karma

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We can translate the word karma as cause or action.

One can say that karma is the experience that a person has lived, programmed by the thoughts and actions of this life and the previous ones. In eastern cultures such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the ultimate goal of a human being is to attain the state of awakening. In this state, the self can realise one’s dreams, the burden of karma dissolves and the cycle of reincarnations stop.

Every experience arises from a prior programming. In order to stop the cycle of karma and to dissolve it, it is vital to be able to understand its programming. In this point of view, the individual pentagram can be considered as a secret code that gives information on the different programmings that pervades in the subconscious mind, psyche and the being.

The individual pentagram reveals karmic blocks and suggests possible ways of evolution in the path of self realization.

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