Private Consultations

Private Consultations

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A consultation with a certified pentanalogist can help you

With a pentanalogist you can discover the beauty, skills and talents within yourselves but also within the people you share your life. At the same time this science will give you the responses that you might be seeking right now, like:

  • Why I am always trapped in this kind of pattern?
  • Why I behave in this way in relationships?
  • Why it is so difficult for me to overcome suffering, experiences of my past?
  • Why do I sometimes feel so: helpless, lonely, angry, scared and desperate?
  • Why am I struggling: with money, success or love?
  • How can I raise my child in the best way according to his pentagram?

Usha Veda has trained a number of pentanalogists.

Don’t wait and take a consultation of PENTANALOGY ! It will help you to develop a deep understanding of yourselves, your family, your children, your friends, colleagues, clients, people who a ruling the world…. And with this new awareness, you can start to communicate and behave in a more authentic way but also develop more empathy and compassion.

This consultation will show you how to remove the obstacles in your path of life and to liberate your internal potentials completely.

Download or contact our partners and get your first pentanalogy consultation without delay. As they are competent and well known in their field, they will give you vital advice and will reply to all your queries. Do not hesitate to contact them.

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