Usha Veda

Usha Veda

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USHA VEDA is the first holistic college recognized by the swiss government in Ayur-Veda.

The first courses of pentanalogy started in 1993.

Today USHA VEDA provide complete recognized training in aromatherapy, anatomy, nutrition, phytotherapy, Ayur-Veda, as well as seminars of Firewalking and meditation. You can visit the website:

The name Usha Veda is taken from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.

The vedic culture associates USHA with dawn, cosmic light and beginning. We assign the word USHA for that which comes first and climbs to the top. USHA also describes that which is awakening and stimulating. VEDA signifies knowledge. The Vedas are ancient texts that relate every knowledge of life as perceived by the “Rishis”.

The mission of USHA VEDA is to contribute actively to the development and expansion of knowledge in the widest sense of the word. USHA VEDA is independent, open to every approach and to every personality engaged in the evolution of the planet. It is in harmony with nature and in search for holistic health. The events organized by USHA VEDA aim at improving happiness and general well being as well as protecting our biosphere.

The knowledge dispensed by USHA VEDA has the objective of helping those who want it, to discover the new perspectives of evolution, to open themselves to different perspectives and also to find their true vocation. USHA VEDA, their course conductors and health professionals want to participate actively in the development of knowledge in the widest sense.

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