The Types

The Types

Pentanalogy Info

In pentanalogy, we distinguish 9 individual types with nine base influences.

Each type perceives the world in a different manner. The type is the influence and theme of the principal life. It is the colour of the individual. It is the base screen through which the individual will perceive the experiences of life. Of course, the type takes a determinant part in the pentagram but the numbers that compose it also play a paramount role.

For example, a person born on 1.2.1948 is a type 7. His numbers in the pentagram are 1,2,4,8. His threshold is 4-8

As soon as we perceive the functioning of our type, we realize that our perception about our past, our emotions and our sufferings are not collective generalities but they are individual and personal perceptions. Becoming aware of our type and mechanism helps us liberate ourselves and evolve.

In the example, 1.2.1948, the person is of type 7. It indicates that he already has a great need for individualism and liberty. The numbers 1-2-4-8 indicates that this person needs to succeed and achieve some fixed objectives. It refers to an ambitious person who requires success and independence. The threshold 4-8 creates a contradiction in this pentagram as it reveals that this individual is in search of success but he is in the fear of rejection. This creates a lot of pain in him.

To evolve, this person should become aware of the fact that liberty is a worth that does not depend on external circumstances. To improve, the person must detach himself from the results of the fixed objectives and understand the notion of flexibility and uncertainty in life. To prosper, he should understand that one does not have to abandon liberty to serve others. When this choice is made after knowing the cause, the feeling of liberty becomes even greater.

In such a programming, the code of our type can give us information about previous lives and about the relationship between the parents at the time of our creation. In brief, each type has its own qualities, challenges and obstacles to overcome. The pentanalogic type in which we are born will not only indicate the spectacles through which we will perceive our surroundings but also the experiences that we will go through.

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